In Search of April Raintree by Beatrice Culleton

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April Raintree character analysis April Raintree is the main protagonist in the book, In Search of April Raintree by Beatrice Mosionier. Throughout her childhood she was embarrassed to be Metis, and because of her taking after her mother’s Irish pale skin, being able to blend into white society she would hide her native ancestry. Through her first foster parents, the Dions, were very kind to April, this continued to make April to feel accepted in society, and she would continue to hide her native heritage. She wanted to feel like a white kid, and they made her feel like one. After Mrs. Dion became ill, April is placed with the DeRosiers. The DeRosiers where both physically and verbally abusive, to April and Cheryl. Through this April…show more content…
Bob sweeps April off her feet, mostly because he is a gentlemen and very wealthy. By the end of chapter 8 they are married. After getting married April moves to Toronto with her new husband. Once arriving to their new home she is shocked how wealth Bob really is. Once Cheryl comes to visit April in her new home; she and April do not get along so well. It has become clear how much the sisters have drifted apart from one another. While April has achieved her goal of becoming rich and accepted into the white society she was so desperate to be part of. While her sister thinks April has become fake, and how much she looks down at her native heritage, that Cheryl looks up to. Once Cheryl leaves Toronto, April becomes jealous of her, because she believes that Cheryl has a point to her life. While April begins to see all her wealth, high class friends are really a bunch of hypocrites. She later discovers that Bob is cheating on her with Heather Langdon, and she orders a divorce. At the end of chapter 10, April learns that Cheryl is in the hospital. April flies back to Winnipeg to be with her sister. April learns that Cheryl has fallen into the stereotypes that she resented so much, and she was constantly under the influence of alcohol, quit university, quit perusing her dreams, and has been living with a man named Mark DeSoto for the past two years. She asks April to get her things from Mark’s place as she does not want to live there anymore. On her way there she is

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