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Anthropology 11 – Cultural Anthropology In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio
General and Introduction
What is Bourgois ' main argument in this book? How does he go about making it, step by step? Is it convincing? Why?/Why not?
What is "cultural capital?" How does this concept explain the experiences of people from El Barrio-in school? at work? in business? in the legal system?
How do you think Bourgois ' ethnography balances "structure" and "agency?"
What are the functions of "street culture?"
How have other social scientists interpreted inner city culture? How does Bourgois disagree with them?
What does it mean to talk about a "survival-of-the-fittest,
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How do the perpetrators attempt to justify their actions? How can this be seen as part of male socialization?
How does Bourgois interpret the "Graffiti Hall of Fame?"
Chapter 6-Redrawing the Gender Line on the Street
How have gender roles and masculine and feminine identities changed for the residents of El Barrio since their parents came over from Puerto Rico? What are the structural explanations underlying those changes? How can we see these changes in the different attitudes of Ray 's and
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