In Short, I Come From A Relatively Normal Family. I Am

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In short, I come from a relatively normal family. I am the oldest of the three girls, with four and eight years between each of them and myself. I have aunts, uncles, and cousins too numerous to count, each family scattered across California and the rest of the United States. We are a multicultural, multiracial, and multiethnic family, which had vast implications to how we were raised and the structure of the household and the greater family system. There are many themes and patterns that have been passed down from generation to generation-through different types of trauma and hurt. In this paper I am going to explore explicit themes that have been transferred in my family, the privilege that is apart of our family culture, and my…show more content…
The seeds were planted long ago, with the miscarriages, the affairs, secret divorces, poverty, and Japanese Internment. There are difficulties that I see the emotional cutoff causing the in the family, the most salient problem being isolation from other family members. The most recent example of this is my paternal grandfather. Since my grandma died five years before my grandfather has spiraled into a depression. For a long time family members stopped visiting him because he was mean and angry and no one really wanted to deal with his emotions because it meant we would each have to face our own. He did not reach out for help, but in the last few months he has gotten worse, culminating in a fall getting out of the shower. He laid on the ground in his bathroom, without clothing, food, or water, for a weekend until the caretaker, who he had fired the previous week, found him on Monday morning. This was a wake up call to everyone in the family to put our own hurt and fear aside for a moment to help rehabilitate my grandfather. There is hope for my family yet. The amount of emotional cut off in my generation is less than the previous generations. My cousins and myself work hard to separate our reality from the reality of our parents and grandparents. For me, I recognize what is going on and now I try to put myself out there, to make myself vulnerable. It is met with some backlash from the older generation, but knowing the downward spiral that emotional
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