In Society, When Concerning Jobs And Careers There Are

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In Society, when concerning jobs and careers there are two things that comes to mind, salary and gender; salary and gender plays a major part of one’s occupational choice. One may believe this concept considering that men generally make more money than women; in fact, it is a proven statistic. It is also said that the pay difference is based upon where one chooses to work, but it is also some opinions that even if both genders have the same education and qualifications for a job position; the male is more likely to get it or is offered more pay. Take Psychology for example, it is a career that is dominated by women, yet men get paid more. One may say this is due to the fact that men are the underdog in that specific career choice. It 's…show more content…
Justin M. Smith article "Maintaining Racial Inequality Through Crime Control: Mass Incarceration and Residential Segregation" explains that the prison system has been one way to control African American since the civil rights movement (2012). Smith (2012) points out that the justice system or rather unjust system keep specific races suppressed through incarceration (Pg. 470). With that being said the justice system is used to objectify blacks in order to prove right and influence the belief of whites fear in blacks (Smith, 2012, Pg. 471). Due to this new found racism being incarcerated has created unseen borders using crime and violence as a way to carry out invisible inequalities (Smith, 2012, Pg. 473). Smith (2012) also informs us that while attitudes and mannerisms towards this topic have changed there are still many reasons segregation continues (Pg. 477). When people are incarcerated and released it creates a new form of racism through their daily life by taking away certain privileges from them (Smith, 2012, Pg. 479). This article by Justin Smith (2012) is important because it reminds one that while we forge paths between the incarcerated and society we must try to include them with an open mind on order to create a successfully integrated society. "Back on the Chain Gang: The New/Old Prison Labor Paradigm" an article written by Abby Stein (2012) argues that although the United States have the
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