In Spite Of Everything Anne Frank Character Analysis

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Imagine someone slaughtering all of your loved ones all because of a little disagreement. Anne Frank was a Jewish girl that lived during the time of the Holocaust. She kept a journal in which she wrote, "In spite of everything, I still believe that everyone is really good at heart." How can Anne possibly say such a thing after all of the horrors that she's been through. The Natzis were against Jews and would kill them just because they were Jewish. They forced teenage Anne Frank and her family to go into hiding for two years! Because of this, there was a set of strict guidelines that needed followed. For example, the bathroom could only be used during certain hours. Many of Anne's friends had been captured and even killed! There are several character traits that make Anne feel this way about everyone, even though the horrible things that they may have done.

In her diary, Anne Frank wrote, "In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart." How could she say such a thing after everything she has been through. Anne has needed to stay in hiding for many years, because of the Nazis. She was Jewish, and the Nazis were anti-semitic or anti-Jewish. They did not care about the lives of the Jews.

Anne Frank stayed in
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Hitler did some unimaginable things to her friends and family, yet Anne still believes that he is good at heart. Maybe she thinks that everyone develops into a better person eventually. She illustrated this when she said, "I think the world may be going through a phase... It'll pass. Maybe not for hundreds of years, but it'll pass." She has faith in the world even during its darkest hour, and she sheds light on our globe. It is possible that we need to be more like Anne Frank. Imagine our world today if we could so easily forgive people for the bad things they have
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