In Spite Of Everything I Really Good At Heart

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Anne Frank was a remarkable young women she was only 13 years old the time she went into hiding. She needed to disappear into hiding because she was jew in the time of the holocaust. Her family went into hiding the day her sister Margot received a letter in the mail wanting her to report to a concentration camp. When you arrive at one of those camps there are two lines. One is if you are sick or elderly you were to be killed and the other line is they will force you to work and if you do not there can be harsh consequences. Anne family was not going to let their child be forced to work. As Hitler began to prosper, the worse these treatments were pushed. So Anne’s father, Mr. Frank, had connections in Amsterdam so he and his family moved there and they hid in the attic otherwise known as the Secret Annex. You could say, why would she need to advance into hiding when she could tell people she wasn’t a Jew? The biggest reason is if you were in public and you were a jew you needed to have the Star of David sewn somewhere visible on your garments so that everyone would know you are a Jew. In her diary, Anne wrote "In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart”. I believe Anne was optimistic when writing this. She also was probably thinking about the people…show more content…
She was waggish and atypical, yet she was droll, unique and an inspiration to people that are discriminated upon and other people who realize how difficult her life was during this time. Everyone should commemorate Anne. So in conclusion, when Anne wrote the words “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart” in her diary, she was trying to turn a horrible situation a superior one, she was thinking about the people fighting the war to help the Jewish people, and she was thinking about the people directly helping her and her family. That is what I believe was going through Anne’s head as she wrote this
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