In The Adventure Of The Story Where The Wind Leads, It

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In the adventure of the story Where The Wind Leads, it describes how the Chung family travels many miles in sea to find the freedom they have lost within their own country and enduring many sacrifices, where they suffered and had to leave behind, for the sake of a better future. Their home country is on the eastern hemisphere, known now as the whole country of Vietnam. The family faced many generations of conflicts within the country. Such as, when the French colonized it, and later kicked out by the Japanese later throughout the history, and then it was divided into two countries the north and south Vietnam. Where ultimately it was united back into one whole country, ruled by a terrible government known today “The Communist Party”. A…show more content…
Thanh witnessed the start of it all, where soon different powers will fight for the control over Vietnam, but Thanh only wanted peace. Where this one time a group of Cambodians almost killed Thanh and maybe even the whole family, but Thanh’s father saved everyone by just providing to them a Passover meal. Also, the reason of being spared is because they were Chinese, and the Chinese were a neutral party. But also, can be viewed as a betrayal to the other opposing power, just as said in the following, “By feeding the Cambodians, my grandfather had won their favor—but an act of kindness to the Cambodians would have been viewed as an act of betrayal to the Viet Minh.” (Part I: Pg.9). This is where it seemed difficult to trust any government at that time, and a difficult time for the Chung Family, as previously Vinh grandfather had to leave behind his business to escape the dangers of war and where some of his brothers were left behind as well. Where ultimately depression led to the death of Vinh Chungs grandfather after receiving news that his brothers were killed. This was one of the many conflicts, the family had to suffer within the early years of Vinh Chungs father, and it continue and Vinh Chung was later born in the country, but already controlled by the communist party. Next, is where many sacrifices had to be made to survive in the cruel government and to able to flee the country.

After the loss of Vinh Chungs

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