In The Article, “Yay, It'S Time For My Performance Review!

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In the article, “Yay, It 's Time for My Performance Review! (Said No One Ever),” the question is whether the historical annual performance review is effective. Many major companies, such as General Electric, have done away with the annual reviews because they are only done once a year, they fail to understand an employee’s view/ideas and the review do not give qualitative feedback (Alabama Public Radio, 2016). Furthermore, the annual review affects employees mental state. The concern of if supervisory like them or if they have done something wrong becomes more important to an employee than their actual performance outcome. This alone can cause employees to feel inadequate and look for another job. With more agencies moving…show more content…
One reason, was it took an entire year to receive feedback from management on their competency and how effective they were on the job. An employee whose an over achiever and always manages to go above average, would be looking for only positive evaluation assessments after a year. When informed of negative responses or areas of improvement, this leaves an employee in surprise and confused. Also, the employees were not provided any feedback/ recommendations as it related to their performance. Someone who’s a top performer rely on feedback and constructive criticism to help them stay on top.
Moreover, the article expresses how major companies such as Accenture, Adobe Systems Inc., Deloitte, IBM Corp., Microsoft Corp., have removed the traditional performance evaluation to grow to be the successful business they are today. One main reason is that performance is an ongoing process (Workforce News, 2016). In today’s job market, it is very important that employees can decide if they are productive to their company as well as noticing the areas where they can improve. This is where continuous feedback can allow them and change their mindset as it relates to their function and purpose within a company.
Uniquely, the video “How to Create a Performance Appraisal Form,” assist with necessary steps on how to build a performance appraisal including the essential eliminates needed to build an impressive performance management tool (YouTube, 2016). The video

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