In The Book, Careers In The Classroom By Sylvia Mei-Ling

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In the book, Careers in the Classroom by Sylvia Mei-Ling Yee, the author discusses four diverse types of schools found in the United States, showing what it is like to teach in those types of schools and what causes an educator to decide to stay or leave the profession. Through my reading, I learned about the profession and why people choose it, I recognized many issues and situations I did not yet know occurred in the classroom and realized how this information will help me in my future career. I learned that there are a lot of stresses placed on educators. The author described that inner-city schools find themselves to be one of the hardest places for educators when it comes to teaching. This is because these schools tend to suffer in…show more content…
In reading this book I realized that in recent years’ statistics have shown a significant decrease in those pursuing education. The book also brought to my attention that a reason educators leave their profession is influenced by what they are put up against. Across the country, they find themselves in positions that allow them to gain little professional development opportunities and help, little support from the school administration, large rigorous classes with no assistance in student discipline, and little respect from parents. Educators are also finding themselves under a growing hierarchal bureaucratic control, which has led to less autonomy in the classroom. This problem according to researchers can lead to low involvement and effort for students and educators. These problems that take place in education every day are problems that should not be ignored. The author expressed that there is a relationship between outside influences, career decisions, and job satisfaction, that lead to the kinds of educators we have in schools. Such as educators who are miserable in the profession but are still committed and educators who are pleased with their profession but are uncommitted to their teaching. The author also mentioned that because of this relation many policy makers find it important to figure out what makes

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