In The Book, Ishmael An Adventure Of The Mind And Spirit,

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In the book, Ishmael An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit, Ishmael is a talking gorilla that believes that the world is in a very rough spot. He believes it is due to humans acting like dictators and destroying this world. His reasoning comes from his time with Walter Sokolow; Walter was his owner of a portion of his life. Walter loved the Nazis and decided to give Ishmael unlimited amounts of books, so he could teach him and the knowledge Ishmael gained were truly astonishing. He has an unbiased upon because he has read all types of literature and has looked at all of the different aspects as well as not being human gives his insight on various types of human behaviors, without leaving any out. He believes that we must do better in order…show more content…
Then during the Great Depression zoos were forced to downsize and sold animals, including Ishmael to traveling circuses or private collectors, which resulted in the animals living in conditions that are even farther away from their natural habitat. Humans did not think about the animals and what could happen to them when they were forced to downsize because the zoos just listened to other humans that forced them to sell the animals. They did whatever was the easiest solution to get rid of the money burdens without a second thought. Another example of anthropocentrism is when Ishmael moved away from the boy without any word of where he went and why. When the young boy did find Ishmael after a long hard search, Ishmael was beyond upset with the young boy for disturbing with his personal life. Ishmael was tried and done with teaching. The young boy did not understand this and was just hungry for more and more knowledge that Ishmael could give him. Therefore, this proves that all humans are anthropocentric even when they want to be better, but they cannot be any better than anyone else because it is a part of human life. As well as, humans are extremely anthropocentric and without major change to all humans this will not change. Secondly, the world is made for humans; or that’s what Ishmael wants us to believe. A big argument Ishmael uses to convey his point is in part three of the book.

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