In The ‘Business Of War,’ Roy Is Stating That The U.S.

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In the ‘Business of War,’ Roy is stating that the U.S. government and other’s like it are purely economic in thought, and the root causes for the very terrorism that resulted in 9/11. She points out that similar and worse grief to 9/11 happens on a large-scale, with violations of human rights and wars happening as a result of the American and British forces in Iraq, who were actually an ally to Saddam Hussein until he decided to act of his own accord. She is directly stating here that America actually helped acts of terror in relation to Hussein because they were power-hungry, using the logical fallacy of an appealing to emotions by invoking anger in the audience at these actions (Handel). The hypocrisy of America and the motivation for…show more content…
If she had added more supporting evidence and counterarguments, I believe that it would have been a stronger speech. Roy created multiple beautifully thought-out, well-written aphorisms, but the evidence for her arguments once she started talking about morals and the free market became like a mild slippery slope logical fallacy; almost taking on the tone of a conspiracy theory (Handel). She completely blames the government, making it mildly confusing, because for most of the speech she was speaking about the importance of acknowledging different points of view - in this case, only using it in a way so that it was different views of the public. The point of her speech was to open people’s eyes to the horror’s happening outside of America and the corruption of those with power. I will admit freely that the first time I read through the speech I was completely ensnared by the flow of the piece, the beautiful language, vivid depictions, and skilled use of rhetorical devices. The more times I read, however, the more I questioned her argument - isn’t the reason most people are elected into positions of power is because they want to help people, and then in order to stay there they have to serve the people? There are a few, especially heads of state, who are harsh, but I think she was a little hypocritical herself because she only spoke about

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