In The Case Of Play, There Has Being A Long Time, Been

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In the case of play, there has being a long time, been misunderstood as the opposite of work or something not serious. Actually, using play to mentor children does not mean the curriculum is not professional and beneficial. In contrast, it means cherishing children and respecting the nature of learning at their age. In fact, play is essential for children’s development and for their learning life skills. Pramling & Fleer (2009) suggests that there is no standard definition for play, it is more like an attitude of mind, play could be viewed in its broadest sense as describing almost all the activities that young children engage in. In this essay, I briefly describe the value of play and how play relates to children’s learning and…show more content…
For example, when a child is adding water to the sand while making sandcastles, he is practicing what he has previously learned about buildings as well as constructed new knowledge about the properties of the sand through his play.

Emotional Development
Bruner (1996) views children as active problem-solvers who are ready to explore 'difficult ' subjects and who are learning from birth. It is stated (Emslie & Mesle, 2009) that children need to feel the joy of success, because if a child keep thwarted, he may have the sense of inferiority and timidity when confronted with new activities or tasks, which results in the lack of learning motivation and capacity. Every child has his own personality, interests and strengths, when children are playing, they can play the role that they are good at to get a sense of fulfillment. For example, in role play, a girl can play the role of mother and take care of baby dolls to feel “needed”. It is also important for teachers to understand each of the children and organize different activities so that everyone have the chance to show their fortes. Getting time to explore the world around them, so that through repetition and success children develop the confidence to try more complex activities, they can establish a virtuous cycle. When children feel safe, they will feel capable to meet challenges more effectively.
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