In The Digital Era, Where Data Happens To Be The Most Important,

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In the digital era, where data happens to be the most important, critical, valuable and at the same time, most vulnerable asset of any enterprise; cyber security becomes one of the most important elements in the startup ecosystem. In the complex online world of ever flowing data where users are getting more educated about issues like privacy policies, terms of use, concerns over sharing persona information online or similar concerns about their banking details, it has become ever more important to deploy finest cyber security measures for startups as any lapse in security, opening a back door to critical data can seriously damage the reputation any startup desperately needs. Considering a niche eCommerce startup portal as an example would…show more content…
• Measures for end users • Turn off MMS auto retrieval • Upgrade the operating systems of phones regularly • Don’t open messages from strangers • Use comprehensive security software • Use only official app stores • Review App reputation scores Cyberthreats for mobile devices can be categorized as: • Application based threats • Web based threats • Network threats • Physical threats An initiative taken by the app store providers like Google and Apple to block applications with unsecured servers is a commendable move towards secured services. Just like the end users, the mobile application developers also need to be aware of the threats and their consequences. These threats can be restricted at the very beginning of the development stage and some of the measures are quite frugal. Implementing end to end encryption enables developers to decrease the number of threats. Developers now have access to many well-tested software libraries and open-source projects that implement encryption correctly. Some application developers are adopting peer to peer architecture to drive secure communications with end to end encryption, the technique adopted here is to decrypt the communication traffic directly at the recipient’s device rather than doing it on the servers. Since mobile app developers can’t control app deployment to a specific device, they must take steps during the app development process to prevent infiltrators from modifying the application code,
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