In The Digital World, The Internet Has Become More And

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In the digital world, the internet has become more and more active in everyday lives. People can send and receive a variety of information from the internet and contact anyone from all over the world with a click of a mouse on a computer. Today people are using their smart phones to keep in touch with one another. Search engines have afforded us the capability to find information with speed and efficiency. It is true that social media provides many benefits but there are also many negative things that can happen from using social networks. It can cause cyber bullying in teenagers, the lack of privacy which could cause an identity theft, personal information is never safe if it is on social network. The internet was published in the late…show more content…
Facebook was founded by a group of Harvard University student led by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. “Starting with a few thousand Havard based participants at the beginning, it grew to millions of off campus users by 2005. It signed on its hundred millionth member by 2008 and its billionth worldwide by 2012. In the United States alone, Facebook had over 150 million profiles, or roughly half the country, in 2012”(Ciment 1009-32). Cyber bullying is one of the most powerful negative point that cause by using social media, especially with teenagers. Social network has become very important to the most teenagers, they spend a lot of time on social media to contact their friends, share their photos and that could cause harassment which may lead to Cyber Bullying. According to, about 28 percent of the students they have surveyed have been cyberbullied. Many teenagers cyberbully because they think that it is funny when they are doing something harmful to another teenager. There are many different way that they use to cyberbully, for example, some teenager acting like they are someone that they are not, they will post lies or bad rumors about the victim. In the worse cases, cyber bullying can lead to the victim of committing suicide or murder the person that cyber bullied them. On December 2nd, 2016, the 18 year old, Brandy Vela had committed suicide by shooting herself in
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