In The Discussion Of Communication And Care One Will Be

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In the discussion of communication and care one will be discussing the qualities of interpersonal skills and written communication in sports. This essay will explain qualities that a sports player or coach may need to progress in their career. One will also be looking at the positive and negatives that reside around having these skills and how to keep balance between the two. The author will also be discussing the different models of communication and how it can be used as an approach to handle a situation and even interact easier with pupils. Some of these interpersonal skills a coach could use is listening skills, reflection and even social awareness where a coach would have to make a difficult decision between his pupils. Written…show more content…
Written communication is broken down into three factors such as structure, this will all depend on how one would want the content laid out and how the presentation will look to another. Another main element is style, this would depend on how the author wants it written. This could mean a variety of different styles whether the author wants to change the font or how the author would like to change the way it is written. The last element would be the content, this includes what the author is writing about. In a scenario between a coach and a pupil, a minor would need a parent’s confirmation to go away on trips. This would require a form of consent that the coach would have to structure and include important information such as, health and disability disclosures. The Effect of a well created consent form can enhance a company’s image. Grammar, spelling and punctuation will emphasise professionalism and make the sections as clear as possible for the parent/guardian to read. Interpersonal Communication skills are more of a requirement to have when applying for a job that requires one to lead other people and to teach them. The life of a coach is filled with a strong steady flow of basic communication. In most cases coaches already have a few forms of basic communication such as talking, reading, gestures, observe, demonstrate. Beyond an interaction with athletes and pupils, most coaches spend most their time with
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