In The Eleventh And Thirteenth Chapters Of Their Eyes Were

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In the eleventh and thirteenth chapters of Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston, Janie had found a new man, Tea Cake, but is worried because she is too old for him and believes he just wants her for money. She takes it slow because of this reason and wants to be frank with him. So when he arrives after a week of being gone, she can not resist him. She laughs and jokes with him, she even plays checkers with him. Hezekiah warns Janie about Tea Cake, not because he is married or a thief, but never has money and is friendly with a rich widow. Even though Tea Cake explains how much he loves Janie, she is still cautious towards him. When they meet again the next day, Tea Cake mentions his daytime thoughts, and states that he loves…show more content…
Although Tea Cake loved Janie from the start, Janie was skeptical but he reassured her by saying “‘Nobody else on earth kin hold uh candle tuh you, baby. You got de keys to de kingdom’” (Hurston 131). Janie most likely felt like she had the world in her hands while Tea Cake stated this about her. Her other marriages were not love and were not true, but Tea Cake’s love was another story and he had soothed her with what he had stated about his love to her. Most readers might think he is just playing he based on her old marriages but I believe Tea Cake means his words. He must truly love her to spend time so much time with her even when the town judged and labeled him as a gold digger. Tea Cake makes sure Janie knows how much he loves her because of her history and does not want to hurt her like the people in her past. Nanny hurt her by forcing her into marriage with Logan Killicks who treated her like a dog. Even when she ran away and married Joe Starks, he controlled her life for 20 years by telling her what to wear and how to act (since she was the mayor’s wife). He broke her apart of the lower class crowd even though those people were her friends and a life she wanted to live. Tea Cake was different from the other two because he was kind, treated her with respect and took her into consideration. He would not control Janie like Joe did and brought her back to the lower class ways because he means his love and has
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