In The Healthcare Industry, The Power To Collect, Assess,

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In the healthcare industry, the power to collect, assess, and disseminate information is a valuable strategic resource that any organization can use to improve its competitive advantage. Data management is an imperative in this industry and various stakeholders operate on data in multiple information systems. Daily operations for a healthcare institution depend on data. Healthcare providers are often faced with challenges due to working with disparate data sources, and finding correlation and connecting the data being stored is essential.(Kapoor,2010) Human Resource specialist are the ones who experience these challenges the most, volumes of data are being processed through the human resource information systems daily which must be …show more content…

These and several more functions will sure be beneficial to our organization. Salmasi,M.K et al, 2016 stated that “Business intelligence is a technology-oriented solution that businesses need to survive in today’s competitive and constantly changing market” and for our company to stay in the market competition, we need to plunge into these trends.
The BI tool can be used to analyze and understand the business risk from all aspects of its operations, if implemented and maintained well, this tool will help bring attention to areas that need improvement. (Kapoor,2010).The BI tool can be customized with dashboards that can track all corporate functions like human resources, recruiting, operations, security, information technology, customer relationship management and many more departmental dashboards.

• Managing Individuals and not the workforce
Managing individuals and not the workforce, simply means managing each employee individually and not with a one-size-fits-all approach. Human resource will treat each employee as a “workforce of one” with unique needs and preferences, and will customize employee incentives accordingly.
Deploying a business intelligence tool will automatically yield this trend which is equally important in the competitive world. Most employers are faced with human resource challenges and to stay

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