In The Highly Analyzed Short Story “The Birth-Mark,” Author

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In the highly analyzed short story “The Birth-mark,” author Nathanial Hawthorne’s writing is shown to be an allegory with much of the allegorical themes represented through the idea of perfection in society. Hawthorne’s symbolism and themes display his belief that life consists of imperfection and the loss of imperfection results in the loss of life. In his writing he shows the readers “the power of both science and arrogance” that man is comprised of and uses the story of “the Birth-mark” as a depiction of humans transcending limits and destroying themselves to achieve perfection (Bunge, 27). Through the use of his allegorical theme of society’s need for perfection, Nathaniel Hawthorne uses symbols such as the birthmark on the…show more content…
Hawthorne later went on to attend Bowdoin College during the 1820’s with the aid of his wealthy uncles, where he received a solid education in English composition. During these years, he grew a strong desire to be with his family, leading him to return to Salem after graduation and impose a twelve-year self-seclusion in his mother’s home. As a result, Hawthorne was able to begin creating tales with a purpose and find his ‘voice’ in the art of writing. As his years in seclusion came to a conclusion, he married his Salem neighbor Sophia Peabody in 1842 and settled in Concord, Massachusetts with their three children. Nathaniel Hawthorne continued to produce novels throughout his life while also traveling across Europe with his family. He later passed away in the year 1864, leaving a great legacy of a unique style of writing to be analyzed and researched by literary scholars for years to come. Nathaniel Hawthorne was a prominent American literary author that was known for a writing manner that was developed through a style of romantic fiction with the representation of his own Puritan beliefs. Having been born during the Antebellum period of American history, Hawthorne’s work was known to have a relation to the aspects of antebellum social and economic life. This was a time period in which various social movements arouse in order to push the reformation and modernization of American society. For example, many of the most notable during this time were abolition, moral

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