In The Lake Of The Woods Analysis

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How the author wrote the book and what he wants us to do with the information People say that when a story unfolds chronologically, then it is boring. It becomes predictable, which makes it boring. Form my personal experience, I do not like books or movies that are straight forward. Twist and turns are what grabs my interest, and I am sure that is true for some other people. So, any story that has a series of unexpected things occurring, you will find me read it. In the novel, “In the Lake of the Woods,” Tim O’Brien provides a series of these twists and turns. The story is about a Vietnam Veteran, John Wade, whose wife Kathy Wade is missing. John suffers from PTSD and has many unusual behaviors which makes us suspicious of him. O’Brien implies many possibilities that could have…show more content…
This is the author’s way of starting his story. He placed bits of clues in the story that we must pay attention to if we wish to understand the larger story. O’Brien writes, “He was always a secretive boy. I guess you could say he was obsessed by secrets. It was in his nature. – Eleanor K. Wade (Mother)” (O’Brien 8). In the second chapter, we are given a clue on who John Wade is. Why is it in the second chapter that there is a quote by his mother talking about him being secretive, when the first chapter describes him and his wife cuddling on the porch. It gives the signal that something is about to happen, something that will make us analyze who John is as a person and what he did. This is what O’Brien wants. He wants us to intake all the information, and then converge and construct it into a time line. We are required to use our memory and critical skills to assess who John is. And by using these reflections, the author can choose what to include to do what he needs to do. So, O’Brien used the flashbacks and reflections of John’s life to give us a signal that important events will take
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