In The Land Of Invisible Women Essay

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Women's endeavour in the wrestle of the world in the books 'Last Night I dreamed of Peace' and 'In the Land of Invisible Women'

Women have always been having the fight for independence ever since history has evolved in all fields of struggle but only recently have women started developing equal rights and authorities yet in a very narrow manner; there are still parts of the world where women are subjected as mere beings who are only capable of household chores and duties and are suppressed in a limit and dominated. Despite the world having witnessed major changes in gender roles yet there are some places in some parts of the world that we see changes are yet to be done. The books that I have chosen 'Last Night I dreamed of Peace' and 'In the Land of Invisible Women' by Dang Thuy Tram and Qanta A Ahmed
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Dang Thuy Tram was a Vietnamese doctor who tended civilians as well as Vietnamese Congress soldiers and it was her diary that was later embarked as the story of peace after her death by the American forces; written poignantly about her sheer devotion towards her family and friends and about the horrors of war, her yearning for her high school sweetheart and her struggle to prove her loyalty towards her country, Vietnam. On the other hand, the other book 'In the Land of Invisible Women the protagonist and author herself Dr. Qanta who is a young British Muslim Doctor feel like an outcast after being denied visa fro the United States and on a whim she decides to go back to her native land in Saudi Arabia where she is offered a job and therefore for her it's a place which is exotic and therefore a place where she expected to have a sense of belongingness and a place that would understand her; but what she discovers there is completely opposite to what she had thought, the kingdom was unparallel to her imaginary one. And for the author it was her land of opportunities where it takes one or more women to recreate herself in the land of invisible
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