In The Late 1890S They Would Begin To Experiment With Gliders

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In the late 1890s they would begin to experiment with gliders of their own. They knew they had to master the art of controlling flight before they could invent this mechanical flyer. Much of their early ideas with gliders would be derived from bicycles as they felt bicycles and flyers were not as different as they seemed. The bicycle required stability and they compared it to the need for lateral balance in a flyer. Orville thought this problem could be solved with the wings. He figured if they pilot could control parts of the wing tips it could create force to give balance to the machine. He would create an early sketch of it and basically is was a lever the would cause one wing to go up and the other to go down in the opposite direction…show more content…
They would need a place with suitable high wind speeds to keep their experimentation going. In their hometown of southern Ohio consistent high wind speeds were uncommon to say the least. Wilbur figured finding such a place on their own could be problematic. Wilbur would end up writing to an expert on aviation at the time, Octave Chanute. Octave provided possible places to conduct his experiment and other questions Wilbur had regarding their experiment. In 1900 Wilbur had decided Kitty Hawk, North Carolina would be a perfect location with its constant high wind speeds. When they arrived at their new testing sight they began assembling their glider from back home. Initially they tested their glider without a pilot to make sure it was working correctly and was safe for use. Eventually they would fly the glider as the pilot and it could sustain flight for as long as two minutes. This seemed like a major accomplishment but was just the start of their goal. They were far from the first to achieve flight, but their wing and elevation ideas were proved successful. Also, this gave them much needed practice in piloting a flying machine most importantly. They would again take a break with their experiments after this attempt and return a year later. This time they had built a second glider but it was much larger than its predecessor. Though the size was impressive it turned out to be a failure. They did succeed in getting it

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