In The Life Of Pi The Reoccurring Theme Of The Rational

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In the Life of Pi the reoccurring theme of the rational and the irrational, as well as, faith and reason. The story follows the journey known as Pi’s life and his relationships with his family, friends, and God. The representations and belief in God plays a large role in the story as Pi grows older and closer to God. There are people that try to discourage him along the way, but even after all that has happened his faith in God still remains. Pi’s name, his beliefs, and the main storyline is riddled with forms of the rational and irrational and challenge the ideas of faith and reason. Upon birth, Pi was named after a swimming pool in France that his mamaji had told his father about. The swimming pool water was clean and clear and it was,…show more content…
Throughout the story Pi simply, “just wanted to love God” (Martel 69). Regardless of what others believed and thought, Pi would not abandon his life with God. His family also often made comments about his religious views. His mother seemed to hold a neutral place, but his father and brother did not understand the reasoning behind why he would want to be involved so heavily in religion. To some the ideas of reason held more explanation than what religion could give. At one point though, Pi’s father seemed to take his side on the matter. He set his beliefs in reason aside and stated, “I suppose that’s what we’re all trying to do, love God” (Martel 69). Faith in God seemed to be very important and more important than the thoughts of reason. There were two men named Mr. Kumar that were important to Pi. The two men seemed to be opposites of each other. One Mr. Kumar was actually Pi’s professor at his school, who believed in reason and science rather than God. Mr. Kumar stated that, “reason is my prophet and it tells me that as a watch stops, so we die” (Martel 28). Pi was actually worried that by listening to the words of his teacher he might lose his own religious beliefs or at least question them. The other Mr. Kumar was a Muslim bakery owner that had introduced Pi to Islam. Pi and the two Kumars went to the zoo and marveled at the animals, each with their own reasoning behind doing so. When the three go to see the zebras one Mr. Kumar says, “Equus

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