In The Modern Era, Technology Has Become The Driving Force

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In the modern era, technology has become the driving force of the world and has led to many positive advancements, however when incorporating technological advancements into war, it can be said that technology has had more negative effects rather than positive ones. Technological advancements have had a negative effect on wars because the number of casualties increases, civilians are more susceptible to getting accidentally killed, and arms of mass destruction can easily fall into the wrong hands. It is only when looking at World War I and World War II that that technological advancements are shown to truly cause devastating effects to not only the people, but the environment as well. It is important to note that, while yes, other wars…show more content…
It is important to understand what artillery was and how something like it could cause the death of many. Artillery during World War I was heavy firearms that could shoot at long distances. Most of these firearms were cannons which were typically aimed at the trenches that the soldiers were in, this was because soldiers were obviously going in and out of the trenches; there was guaranteed kill if the cannons were aimed at trenches. This form of killing people could be compared to that of shooting a group of geese in the sky with a blindfold on; in the way that there was no need to have direct aim at the geese to guarantee a kill or at least wound the animal because of the long distance the firearm could reach. It is the same as shooting at a cloud of dust and sand where the enemy’s trench is located. There is no way to know where the cannon is directly aiming at but there is still a guarantee that the shot will either hurt or kill someone. It is estimated that there were 37 million casualties in World War I. However, an estimated 7 to 10 million of the casualties were civilian lives. While new technological warfare took the life of many soldiers it is also important to know that civilians were also the unfortunate targets of advance warfare. When talking about civilians, it is important to note that they may have not been direct targets of enemy soldiers but there was still a chance for them to be killed or affected by the war. One of the main way civilian
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