In The Modern World And With All The Means Of Technology

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In the modern world and with all the means of technology we frequently use in our daily life, we will always informed almost entire news and cases which are occurred in this world. As a person who concerned about humanity will notice that the number of Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STD) and sexual harassment cases shows an upward trend. This shows a clear view that we are facing an issues about sexual behaviour and health. However, this problem can be solved at least by reducing the number of cases and avoiding from it become worse in future. Sex education in schools is one of the method that can be used to solve the problem occurred and help to reduce the number of pregnancy among youth girl and STD. On the other hand, most of the parents…show more content…
Schools can help young people take charge of their sexual health by providing confidential health services and education. There are being given importance for young people to get inform about related thing to sexual behaviour and health. Sex education has dedicated on whether programs care young people to change specific behaviours linked to avoiding pregnancy and HIV/STD such as having a sex at a suitable age, using a condom for protection, less a number of having sex per month, and reduce the number of sex partners. Everyone should welcome and support who was a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender to take note about their sexual health in order to have a community with a good sexual health in future. In short, sex education should be exposed to youth through school which can help reduce a HIV and unintended pregnancy. Sex education also can empowerment against sexual violence. Sex education is often denied to be sexual assault prevention tool. Any education that against any kinds of harmful behaviours, it is important to provide example of healthy alternative. For example, when teaching nutrition, we would only paint half a portrait if we simply told people not to overeating in sweets and fatty foods. It is important to include important of consuming a lot of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables and stated how fun and enjoyable healthy eating can be. Providing an example of
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