In The Most Recent Negotiation I Had The Role Of Being

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In the most recent negotiation I had the role of being Chuck Brown’s attorney in his real estate transaction with Amy Hayes. There were three crucial moments during my negotiation which ultimately forced me to retreat to Mr. Brown’s BATNA. Yet, to first understand this I had to outline for myself my main goal. My main goal in this negotiation was to make sure that I could obtain as many of Mr. Brown’s interest as possible. In order to do this I ranked in order of priority which interests were the most important to Mr. Brown. Next, I had to process the financial data for Mr. Brown. This real estate transaction had a great deal of math involved and I had to make certain that I had accurate data before entering the negotiation. Once all this…show more content…
I usually determine how much information to disclose depending on how opposing counsel reacts to some of the biggest or most controversial issues between our clients. In this negotiation the most controversial issue was the refusal of opposing counsel to reduce the cost of lot 232. The price for lot 232 was nearly double what Mr. Brown granted me the ability to spend. This was a huge issue because if Mr. Brown could not afford lot 232 he could not park his two vehicles near his business. I think something important that I did in this negotiation at this point was to be honest and upfront with opposing counsel. I informed her that we needed to work together to find a way Mr. Brown could park near his catering business because we both agreed that it did not make sense for Mr. Brown as a caterer to park on the street. I informed her about the cost of the street parking, disclosed information that there was another property (Whitestone) that already had two parking spots, and indicated that Mr. Brown had granted me the ability to make a decision for him by the end of the day which property to select. I think being honest with opposing counsel about the parking helped create trust in the negotiation. Opposing counsel saw how honest I was being about the parking situation and then disclosed to me confidential
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