In The Movie “Real Woman Have Curves” And “La Mascara Del

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In the movie “Real Woman have Curves” and “La Mascara Del Chivo” they both have Mexican culture connections. The movie and the story go in completely different directions of entertainment from each other, yet still hold similar morals from how growing up in a Mexican culture defines them. The movie and play can’t be compared in anything except the morals that both main characters have. In “La Mascara Del Chivo” it shows how a drug dealer tries to murder another one in his dying bed with the priest and nun there, while in “Real Woman have Curves” it shows an eighteen-year-old trying to pursue her dream of going to college and goes around Mexican beliefs on how a young woman should be raised. However, both Josefina López in “Real Woman have…show more content…
The mother in “Real Woman have Curves” believes that she should worry about taking care of herself for her future husband, staying pure and religious and be skilled to take care of him, whereas Ana believes that she needs an education, pursue her dreams, and not worry about her purity. Ana and El Chivo both don’t acknowledge the religious backgrounds that they are being shown. El Chivo is blinded with anger towards Zopilote. Ana believes that getting an education is more important than her own purity which falls back into believing her religion. The mom and priest both very religious try to shape the young minds of Ana and El Chivo for what they believe their own benefit. The mom and priest believe that being right with god has its advantages in the world and the after world. The mom believes that staying pure will get her a good husband and a healthy family, while the priest is trying to make El Chivo take the right path and walk away from the anger he has. In addition, The Movie and the play illustrate a few ideas that present the economic status of Mexican Americans. In “Real Woman have Curves” Ana’s father and sister have their own business; however, both of the family businesses are low paid jobs. All the members in the Garcia family have to work, including Ana. Ana lost her job at the burger joint forcing her to start working at her sister’s factory. Ana is concerned about working in her sister Carmen’s business because they all
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