In The Present Time, The Media Industry Is Considered One

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In the present time, the media industry is considered one of the most powerful industrial structures in the world. The source of its strength lies not only in that huge funds in which they invest, but also in its extreme influence on individuals, groups, and governments. Media and communication activities occupy an important place in the economy of most countries. In the media industry, there are many institutions and companies that compete in the media market. There are different in terms of the quality of their products, the nature and means, and their size in the market. There are newspapers and print magazines, radio and TV stations, publishing houses, film production companies, and Internet sites. All of these institutions are part of…show more content…
For example, the expenses of radio that broadcast music on the clock is much less than the expenses of any radio station that rely on innovation and creativity, which prolongs the duration of their programs. The same for the TV, for example, the cost of a TV program for entertainment is different from a political program. Also, the duration of programs determines the costs of this program and it plays a huge role in increasing the expenditure per day. All in all, we cannot ignore the fact that the high cost of production in the visual and auditory media, especially the production of the original model or version, leads the production companies to search for advance funding for the production from advertisers and distributors. On the other hand, the costs of digital media that use the Internet technology in news dissemination, exchange information, and communication through electronic devices connected to the Internet are different from traditional media. Its cost is not too high because of its dependence on modern technology. These means are numerous and advanced, and for example, but not limited to, the electronic or online news sites and social networking sites. The majority of revenues in the digital media organizations are advertisements. Today, the media have become economic institutions. Media production in its final form must make a benefit in the economic sense. Media institutions have two main objectives. The first relates to the content of the
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