In The Reading "Claiming An Education" The Authors Speaks

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In the reading "Claiming an Education" the authors speaks about how students that represent the minority groups shouldn 't just look at education as just receiving an education, but those minority students and all female students should use their disadvantage as motivation instead of a crutch to claim their education. Because students entire life is defined through Test scores, Grade point averages, credit hours, etc. having those things be the determining factor if you reach your expected role, only if your role requires a college education to obtain. The Author went into detail to explain the connotation that many people get confused behind the words receive and claim and how knowing the difference between the two aspects will influence…show more content…
Men In the work force are often seen as superior, a better fit worker compared to women 's who are often seen as weak and a better fit for the housework and mother duties. According to Pay-Scale women make seventy-six cent for every dollar a man makes, which means women in the work force would have to work twice as hard or twice as long to get somewhere close to equal pay. Men normally have higher starting pay than women, including the promotions which makes salary by gender one sided having the men walking away with majority compared to women salaries in all traditional male jobs but there’s a shift in the amount of men in more traditional female jobs. For example, for years Nursing, Teachers, Phone Operators, were known for being a field where females dominated. which may be true, but men were still paid more for being in the communication, medical and educational fields which explains the increase in the numbers of males joining the field, in which according to the Department of Labor of Labor Statistics are all jobs that on the rise in percentage of
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