In The Recent Year, Travelling Is Becoming More Popular

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In the recent year, travelling is becoming more popular in Thailand because of the opportunity to experience new things, learn new cultures and people and relax both soul and mind (AirTreks International, LLC n.d.). Moreover, each government has promotional strategies to encourage and respond the visitors’ needs within the limited resource.
In Korea, the government has the policy to support the entertainment industry to stimulate the economy (Berg 2014). Although the Korean films & series’ industry is well known and consumed by Thai people independently of gender, age, education and status, its presence in the entertainment market all over the world has also been increasing. For example, the Korean series Daejanggeum (known as Jewel in the
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Therefore, this research could provide guidelines and suggestions for the Korean government and Korean films & series’ producers to increase the number of travelers not only from Thailand but also from neighbor countries.

The objectives

1. To identify what are the factors in Korean films & series, that attract Thai people to visit Korea.
2. To understand why Korea became a popular travel destination for Thai people.
3. To recommend marketing strategies in Korean films & series to encourage return of Thai visitors.
Literature reviews

1. Korean films& series are an encouragement for Thai people to visit Korea.
According to Lee and Yoo (2011), dramas or movies would induce an increase in tourism because they provide the best locations in the country to the audience. Thus, movies and TV dramas are the most effectively way of advertisement. By reaching out to the audience interested in landscapes and environment, Korean films & series may motivate them to travel.
Moreover, the research illustrates that the Korean popular culture had an increased presence in television dramas, movies and pop songs all over the Asian country. Among the influences of Korean dramas and movies, are language and traveling. For instance, at Inlingua School of Language in Singapore, the number of students learning Korean increased by 60% in 2003, compared to 2001. Moreover, some travel agencies sold the television drama- themed group tours to Korea using
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