In The Review “Drug Use, Drug Possession Arrests, And The

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In the review “Drug Use, Drug Possession Arrests, and the Question of Race: Lessons from Seattle,” analysts questioned if the connection between racial disparity in drug arrests is linked with the underlying factor of harmful forms of drugs being concentrated in poorer areas. These poorer areas are dominantly known for many communities of different colors, especially African Americans and Latinos. The question of whether or not drug arrest is based upon racial bias is highly argued topic today amongst communities and police force. This article talks about the racial disparity, specifically in Seattle, that surrounds drugs in the form of crack cocaine which shaped the way police identify and arrest criminals. Many experts have theorized…show more content…
And because of this, the police tend to focus more on crack than any other drug. Crack is an important cause of racially disparate drug possession arrest rates in Seattle. I tend to believe that all types of illegal narcotics are supposed to be treated equally the same, but the trend of crack cocaine being a higher risk factor for arrest is quite fascinating. A person who does crack cocaine is more likely to be arrested than a person who does heroine in Seattle. An analytical assertion that I found the most interesting is the connection between violence and the crack market. Crack trade has been associated with high levels of systemic violence, which is regulated through the illegal aspects of the drug market. However, in Seattle, only 2.3 percent of crack arrests involved guns, but 25.9 percent of all heroin arrests involved guns. The available evidence indicated that crack arrests are unlikely to involve guns, especially in Seattle. Seattle’s crack market is not more violent than other drug markets. This evidence challenges the idea that crack trade and violence are consistently coordinated with one another. I believe that this is due to the specific areas of where crack transactions occur. An area with less opportunities and wealth is likely

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