In The Rocky Crimson Hills

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In the rocky Crimson Hills lies a town called ShadowField. This town is controlled by the richest man Conner Michaels. He is a very mean demanding ruler. If you get in trouble with him you could either get your arm chopped off or get banished. Surprisingly getting your arm chopped is the better punishment. When you get banished you get your head shaved, your clothes and items removed from you, and get forced to leave the mountains forever. Conner has two sons, John and Preston. John is tall and loved by all woman all around town. His father makes sure he has the finest of everything he gets. Preston on the other hand does not get anything nice and his job is to makes sure John gets everything he wants. Preston was not really known around…show more content…
He looked to his right and there was another man. “Where am I?” Preston asked. The man next to him said “I am Samuel thanks for asking and we have been banished”. They both got up and started walking in the wasteland towards the ruins of a town called Wolf Pine. The first place they went was the clothing store. They grabbed what was left and started sewing articles of clothing together. After they got their clothing on they went scavenging around. They ended up finding a very secure apartment building. It had traps and boarded up windows. It was a great home. Sam stepped on the welcome mat and his foot went through and a spike went in it. Preston attempted to pull him off but failed. All of the sudden a guy with armor holding an AK 47 came rushing at them from the road to the right. Preston looked around and saw a pistol on the ground. He ran for it and managed to pick it up in time. When this person got real close Preston pistol whipped him into one of the spike traps. Preston aimed the gun at his head, cocked the pistol, and pulled the trigger. Preston took his body off the spikes and took his gear. He put on the armor and strapped the Ak 47 around him. After he finished he ran over to Sam and took him off the spikes. From there they headed into the apartments to see what they could
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