In The Seventeenth Century, The Massachusetts Bay Colony

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In the seventeenth century, the Massachusetts Bay Colony was founded as a haven for religious freedom for all early colonist, principally for the Puritans. Unlike any other migrating group in America, the Puritans were composed of families who sought the religious freedom and harmony they were unable to experience in England. ¹ These Massachusetts Bay settlers sought to achieve this haven by devising a system of government that would fulfill political and moral authority. By the 1640s their enterprise at Massachusetts Bay had grown to about ten thousand citizens, claiming great success and testimony to the Puritan greatness. However, it was a system critics argue was just as intolerant as the one they abandoned. Between 1636 and 1638, the…show more content…
Therefore the purposeful midwife shared her own interpretations of Cotton’s teachings, speaking of a spirit-centered theology which held that God’s grace could be directly bestowed through faith. She naturally found herself being trusted by her community, conducting weekly meetings in her home to discuss the ministers’ sermons, at times gathering sixty to eighty people.⁴ Her theology of free grace attracted many followers. However, John Winthrop’s revised way of unity and order was a way in which everyone followed the direction of the elders and women, in particular, were to play a submissive and supporting role. The community herbalist began to concern the Puritan ministers’ orthodox view, which dictated that people must live according to the bible’s precepts by performing good deeds. She not only question the community religious laws but also political theory. She was a woman challenging the established male hierarchy of a Puritan society. Concerned about maintaining order in their community and protecting their exclusive position as sole interpreters of the bible, the community elders quickly confronted any deviance from their strict doctrine. These growing tensions led to what is known ________________________________________ 3. Amy Lang, Prophetic Woman: Anne Hutchinson and the Problem of Dissent in the Literature of New

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