In The Space Through The Time Essay

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In the Space Through the Time
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has had as a strategy the development of space exploration. All missions from the most historical to those planned, have been directed under the same institution to enrich the scientific knowledge of the Earth, the solar system and the universe. However, the goals, the accomplishments and errors committed throughout the history of the space, technological advances and experiences in each of the missions, have been making the differences. The Apollo mission is an example of the first attempts to landing on the moon, and the planned Mars mission is an example for traveling to the Red Planet; both were created through NASA, but their goals, historical epoch
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The first of its missions ''Apollo 1'', was a tragedy, three of the tripulants lost their lives when a fire swept through the command module because of breakdowns and technical problems. The last of its missions ''Apollo 17'', had as its objective the geological inspection and sampling of the materials and the characteristics of the surface in the landing area. As a result of the achievements of Apollo missions, one of the technological branches that had benefits was the medical field with the discovery of many cardiovascular techniques, physical exercises at the space, and advances in microbiology (Tate).
On the other hand, the goals of Mars have been the study of possibility of life on the Mars planet. To do this, ''Curiosity'' a kind of robot, which has been the first habitant of Mars, is the mediator of studies and images. Other example of difference with Apollo mission is the Mars science laboratory, which was created to obtain samples that can be used for a future mission of return, such as rocks and soils, and certain materials found there (Wilson). Unlike the Moon, the planet Mars is a cold desert. It is half of the diameter of the Earth and has the same amount of dry land. Another difference is that Mars has seasons, volcanoes, canyons and the climate, but its atmosphere is too thin for liquid water to exist for long on the surface. On the contrary of Apollo
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