In The Tigris River, The Ilisu Dam Along With Other Dams

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In the Tigris River, the Ilisu Dam along with other dams has become a plan to sustain a water reservoir for the citizens of Turkey. Unfortunately, it has led to an increasing number of ecological impacts downstream. The project began in August of 2006 and has been met with much controversy, yet certain instances of how the dam affects the surrounding life including people and other organisms has become definite. With International Environmental Impact Assessments calling to be revised, but to no avail, it begins to make one investigate the risks of the construction of the dam and it’s ecological impact on the surrounding environment including aquatic, terrestrial, plant, and human life. This analysis will discuss what the Ilisu Dam is and…show more content…
Unfortunately, some of the companies like VA Tech and DSI have had histories of forcibly removing thousands to millions of people from their homes. Even worse flooding of the reservoirs sometimes causes the surrounding areas where residence still occupied to be submerged killing those who remain, according to Maggie Ronayne from the report, “The Cultural and Environmental Impact of Large Dams in Southwest Turkey.” More will now be discussed of the many ecological impacts the Ilisu has on the communities of animal and plant-life. In the same report written by Ronayne, she stated that a requirement of some international guidelines for the dam was to consult with the women of the area prior to construction. The companies falsified claims of speaking with the women. When asked on the conversations, they said the women agreed with building the dams because they wanted dishwaters. This was to imply that the women’s major priority was to relinquish the burden of washing dishes, a task already stereotyped for women. Sadly, when the Kurdish Human Rights Project spoke with actual women from the surrounding areas, their opinions were quite different from what was said by the VA Tech. The impoverished areas could not even afford dishwashers, and felt the dam would do more harm to the land and their community than what was already happening.

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