In The Twelfth Night Film Directed By Trevor Nunn, There

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In the Twelfth Night film directed by Trevor Nunn, there are differences between the sequencing of the scenes, lines of characters, and character stage directions/movements compared to the original text. Directors use film adaptations to enhance the writer’s intended meaning hidden in the original text, however, Trevor Nunn altered the meaning of a Shakespearean comedy. Shakespearean comedies are characterized as entertaining plays centered around a person of power, who delivers a statement of harsh judgment and must make amends, and the comedies usually end in marriage. In Twelfth Night, Orsino, the Duke of Illyria, passes harsh judgment towards Lady Olivia by telling his servant, Cesario, to “be clamorous and leap all civil bounds/…show more content…
In the scene, Orsino asks Feste to sing a song that “dallies with the innocence of love” (1212, l. 46) and as Feste sings, Orsino and Viola slowly come together and eventually their lips touch as Feste’s song is ending. During this scene, Nunn upholds the comedic attributes of the play itself by adding in the facial expressions of Feste as he sings his song and realizes what is happening; however, Nunn also adds in the motion of Orsino and Cesario slowly coming together and kissing. The addition of Orsino and Cesario’s stage directions takes away from the overall comedic aspect of the play, and shifts into an aspect of the play that is focused on love and romance. Nunn also provides an intimate setting to the scene by placing the characters in a dimly lit shed. In the original text, Curio makes the comment that Feste is “about the house” (1211), which suggests that Feste is situated in Orsino’s home, however in the film it is shown that he is located in a shed near a cliff overlooking the ocean. This change in the setting from being in a house, to being cliff-side overlooking the ocean creates a romantic setting for the audience. Furthermore, the dim shed setting provides a sense of privacy and intimacy for the audience and essentially sets the mood for the events that take place during Feste’s song. To the audience their kiss is a perfect addition because it soothes the romantic tension

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