In The United States It Is Estimated That By 2043, Nonwhite

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In the United States it is estimated that by 2043, nonwhite racial and ethnic populations will compose more than 50 percent of all Americas, (Yan and Fitzpatrick, 2016). Areas like Central Ohio will see an increase in their diverse population. This means that more people who are of a diverse culture will have to use medical services. As of right now, there are many health disparities when it comes to the ethnic population. With a shift in demographics, the health sector in various central Ohio counties has proven that they are not prepared enough to handle a diverse community. There are many reasons as to why cultural competence is lacking in health care. From racism, lack of proper education, lack of diversity in the workforce,…show more content…
This attitude stems down into countries of central Ohio. Different studies have been conducted and it has shown that ethnocentrism and poor cultural competency are related. Authors Capell, Dean, and Veenstra stated that ethnocentrism of health care providers has been reported to contribute to patient alienation, inadequate treatment, and misdiagnosis. Some reporters have proposed that ethnocentrism impairs one’s capacity to provide culturally appropriate care. Possible reasons for ethnocentrism could be due to the United States being a low-context culture, where individuals rely on direct questioning to understand people and their communication styles as a quick way to learn about someone. Whereas in a high-context culture, individuals use contextual cues to understand people and their communication to better understand people (Hitt et al., 2015). Individuals do not want to take their time to listen and form a relationship with someone. Getting straight to the point are all individuals want to do and that is the attitude some health care providers have towards their patients. This causes cultural competency to be poor towards people of ethnic backgrounds. Racism is a problem among the ethnic population health care. Author Williams (2012) pointed out racism in his article for why there have miles to go before racial inequalities

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