In The United States, Not Only Are Latin Women Being Misunderstood,

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In the United States, not only are Latin women being misunderstood, but African American women are also stereotyped by other people. Latin women are discriminated in their dressing and service occupations, while African American Americans are stereotyped in sexually promiscuous, caregiving role, and “welfare queens.” Both of them are victims of racial stereotypes, which affect them negatively on their identities and characteristics. However, the differentiation of their cultures makes them being stereotyped in distinct aspects. Some of African American women’s stereotypes are caused by their historical background.
African American women are stereotyped as the “Jezebel” archetype. African American women’s historical background causes the
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As mentioned before, Latin women are stereotyped in a sexual way due to the exposure of their skin. Similarly, African American women are discriminated as sexually promiscuous because of their historical background during slavery. Although both Latinas and African American women have similarities in sexual stereotypes, the cultures behind them have impacts on their different identities. Latin women are misunderstood because other ethnic people are not aware of different cultures’ collision. In addition, young Latin women’ dressings are culturally accepted by themselves when they are influenced by their parents. If they want to alter their styles of clothing and decide to wear more clothes in non-bright colors, they could change it immediately, so that they might not be viewed as conveying sexual signals. Unlike Latin women, the “Jezebel” stereotype on African American women is caused by their history. Even if African American women don’t act as sexually promiscuous in nowadays, they are still stereotyped. They don’t have any choice to change “Jezebel” stereotype since it is accepted by other ethnic people during slavery and passed down from one generation to the next. In general, the origins of Latina’s and African American women’s stereotypes matter and the cultures behind them result in different identities of these two groups of people.
The “Jezebel” stereotype negatively impacts African
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