In The Winter Of 2000 Yves Evrard And Francois Colbert,

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In the Winter of 2000 Yves Evrard and Francois Colbert, two experts in marketing and the arts published the article ‘Arts Management: A new Discipline Entering the Millennium’. This article was one of the first to examine the rise of arts management and to solidify its place as an independent discipline. The researchers cited the emergence of the International Journal of Arts Management (Est 1998) and the International Association for Arts and Cultural Management (Est 1991) as major advancements in the discipline’s quest for legitimacy. Between 1979 and 1996 the number of articles about Arts Management tripled and continued to multiply exponentially as the 21st century dawned. As Arts Management has emerged as an independent discipline…show more content…
Despite - or perhaps in spite of - the turbulent political climate, the dawn of the 20th century saw the accelerated growth of the arts sector. European arts institutions began to expand into smaller communities which resulted in the emergence of national networks and more jobs for managers and artists. After World War II government support for the arts increased, possibly to raise morale, to enhance the continent’s air of sophistication or to stimulate a rebirth of culture. The 20th century also saw the introduction of radio, film, off-Broadway shows and residential theatre companies which created job opportunities. Growth in the arts was also supported by the NEA’s grant matching program and expanding course offerings across the arts in western universities. In the 21st century the growth of the arts sector has slowed but there will always be a cycle of companies coming and going and managers are needed for permanent major events such as fashion week, Olympic ceremonies and the Super bowl half time show. Ultimately the arts have a responsibility both to comfort and to confront societies, as it has done for millennia. Presently issues such as the refugee crisis, racial inequality and increasing radicalism confront our society. To address this Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre took a production of ‘Hamlet’ to a refugee camp in Calais “Because, of course,

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