In The World Of Trading And Online Shopping Trends.There

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In the world of trading and online shopping trends.There are many trends enhancing the world of trading. The origin of the trend is online shopping and how does it affect the U.S and global economy. The ways that have major trends is in the tech, and online shopping industry. With the tech markets performing well the daily markets are changing. When looking at the charts you can see Amazon’s growth charts from this year, the markets are predicting Amazon to be at all time highs for the company over the next 5 years. During the past four years amazon has become a big trend in online shopping. In 2015 Amazon was trading at 443$ ((Cnbc Amazon quotes, n.d.) Just recently Amazon has been trading at 908$ market price. ( Cnbc). The trend that…show more content…
If a bad trend is setting in the tech sector that can cause a conundrum and can affect the volatility. Another effect with market trends is the global economy. The market in the U.S does not only affect our economy but others as well. Not only is that a major trend in China but around the world as well. That is very intractable because one country 's economy can have a major impact on the global economy. China is were they ship most of the goods we get from Amazon. The price varies depending on the product people by. When Amazon notices a trend from China starting to change they report it to the stock market. Amazon offers a plethora of items from books to the new iphone. When more and more people buy from Amazon the charts for Amazon become greater and greater and begin to set more trends daily. Trends have macro implications on the markets and online shopping trends. Looking at charts from two years ago the implications are macro but are on a massive scale due to market trends and local trends that the company is setting. When the trends become greater than predicted that is showing that the company is growing and is affecting the tech markets and is also affecting the overall market trend for the day. Amazon is one of the biggest tech companies in today’s market with over 230,000 employees. (Time INC, 2017) The positive implications that Amazon has is that it is global. For example, I could be in Spain and order from Amazon and have it

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