In The World Right Now There Are Over 7 Billion Human Beings

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In the world right now there are over 7 billion human beings living scattered across the globe. Some live in remote areas such as Antarctica or on small secluded islands in the pacific. But does living so far away from other humans mean that they are safe from diseases that can possibly kill them? Living in close proximity with other human beings may have its benefits in terms of communication, trade and comfort. But some features of human societies may lead to an enhanced risk of a super infectious disease spreading and ultimately killing them.
There are many aspects in which infectious diseases may spread. Some may be subtle or some may be direct. Many new infectious diseases arise and are become a big problem as many of the old common
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Modern techniques in reducing disease spread from humans such as quarantine zones has allowed new uprising diseases to be contained within a certain area and then to be eradicated. Diseases like this contribute to causing over thirteen million fatalities derived from infectious disease annually (Cohen 2000). These diseases must be controlled as society further improves in technology. The downside of these improvements though is that infectious microorganisms also appear as well as ancient diseases reappearing that are much stronger than they were (Cohen 2000).
Human spread is one of the most common ways that infectious diseases transfer to another host. Some examples of human spread is through the air which is called airborne spread disease, through ingesting small amounts of human faeces and by bodily fluids such as mucous which is exerted through sternutation or by coughing. One of the most dangerous places of the modern world for infectious diseases to spread is in hospitals. Hospitals are thought to be a safe haven from diseases that may kill people but in reality hospitals contain some of the most powerful infectious diseases that can and are resistant to modern medicine. Within hospitals the population can be overcrowded and this becomes and breeding ground of sick individuals passing around infectious diseases. Human spread within the hospitals becomes very dangerous as there are many sick people within the same building. Diseases
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