In The World When You Say Like A Girl Analysis

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Watching this video I think that, this is the way many girls think of themselves. As a joke, as something fragile that has to be pretty all the time. Since a very young, we are told that the sky's the limit, but if you are a woman the limit is determined by how pretty society thinks you are. Although our brothers and our cousins are told that they have to study so they can become the man of the house, however we are told that we have to be pretty and know how to take care after a house, so that we can get engaged to “a well educated man”

In the world when you say “Like a Girl” it suddenly becomes as something defective, something below expectations, and insult, I think that this started many years ago with the when Tv achieved its top, and people started to believe that a woman was someone that had to be saved, through the years this thought evolved into “girls are not smart/strong/ enough to do this”.

In all the years I have been studying i've been told that I was bossy and feisty, the same people that say that to me, turned around and told another guy that he was being assertive and a good leader. That moment hit me strong, I thought that maybe I needed to let a boy be in charge, that being bossy was something just for girls; their words made my confidence deflate, I stopped
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As I grew older I noticed a pattern in society. The world puts beauty standards and push them to women, but when women try to reach for this beauty standard they are called “fake”. They keep saying that “natural women are better women” but when they keep shaming girls without makeup. Boys say “it would be awesome if girls liked sports just as we do” but when a woman says that she likes football, they start questioning her and calling her an attention-seeker. The point is that women can't be women, they are expected to wear makeup, but not really, they are expected to be kind and want kids. They have to be the women that men
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