In The Year 2017 Morals Have Changed All Around The World

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In the year 2017 morals have changed all around the world and young people are growing up quicker than they have ever before. As children grow up parents try to build their foundation with stable and decent examples. Children love watching movies and are quick to learn and pick up on the characters actions. Disney is known to be kid friendly so a lot of parents let their kids watch these movies without realizing that they contain messages for children that are inadequate for them. Specifically, “The Little Mermaid” sends messages to children that could frame their beliefs on how maturing works in a negative manner. Throughout this lesson we have read three versions of “The Little Mermaid” and only one seems to be acceptable for young girls…show more content…
She then travels to the surface of the water where she first sees Eric and instantly falls in love. Ariel creates this separation between her dad by going behind his back. This message is for the adults because with an oppressive relationship children are likely to rebel. Since mostly young girls watch “The Little Mermaid” this message comes off as they should go behind their parents back to get something that they want.
The Disney story lacks feminism and the maturity level needed for young girls in 2017. When King Triton finds out about Ariel’s unforgivable actions Ariel realizes that she must choose between these two men. In the article “Is Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ a Feminist Film or Not” it talks about how some people can see how “The little Mermaid” lacks feminism because Ariel chooses to change herself for a man. Then the immature image that Disney shows young girls is that Ariel “rejects her father’s culture to embrace Eric’s culture” (Trites 2). The maturity level of how to handle situations between the two stories is evident. Disney’s underlying message is that “Children, especially girls, can gain an identity independent from their parents by becoming dependent on someone else”, while in Andersen’s story the mermaid 's quest is for a soul and she searches for answers in a less malicious way.
In the stages of young girls lives they are building their foundation of
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