In The Year Of 1818, Author Mary Shelley Published A Novel

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In the year of 1818, author Mary Shelley published a novel that depicted a concept nobody has ever seen before. The novel of Frankenstein is well known for its association with mystery, evil, and romanticism but the question many people ask is, why is it still relevant after all of these years? Frankenstein is a fictional story and is known as “The Modern Prometheus”. In Greek mythology, a titan named Prometheus stole fire from the Gods and gave it to mankind. Being that, Victor is compared to the titan as he stole the secret to creating life from nature and God. In a similar manner, the novel of Frankenstein was taken place in the Romantic era. Having the novel written in the romantic period connects influences such as human feelings,…show more content…
Frankenstein’s actions can be classified as selfish; portraying him as an antagonist.
Being that, the element of being blunt towards who is the hero etc. may be Shelley’s purpose of allowing the audience to discuss and have an open interpretation of the novel. With having an open interpretation, Mary’s readers is allowed to decide for themselves about the character’s role and also provides different views of the characters throughout the novel. To be more specific, an audience member’s feelings toward each scene and character is a wide variety. In addition, Shelley wrote with a style of empathy. To illustrate, my feelings towards the monster was very sympathetic when he tried very hard to find a friend and was forced to portray the typical monster role since humankind rejected him. To put it briefly, Mary Shelley’s choices in writing was complex and allows her audience to interpret her writing the way they desire. On the other hand, the novel Frankenstein contains several themes that influence a reader’s interpretation. To be more specific, three main themes within the story would be broken promises, revenge, love, and friendship. First, there’s a common theme of Broken Promises within the novel. In particular, the monster and Dr. Frankenstein have a deal between each other. The monster stated how he is willing to leave Dr.Frankenstein and humankind alone if he is given a mate and Dr. Frankenstein states how he will make a female
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