In The Years Before Abraham Lincoln Was Elected The Sixteenth

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In the years before Abraham Lincoln was elected the sixteenth President of the United States, the world had lived in an era that emphasized individualism, emotion, and nature. This era was called the “Romantic era”, or “Romanticism” as it is known today. Partially due to the Industrial Revolution, men and women had become intrigued by the advances in political structures and the rationalization of nature. This led to the rise of not only advancement in scientific endeavors and political evolution, Romanticism helped give birth to some of the greatest literary writers who have ever lived. From famous poets (like Lord Byron and William Blake) to renowned writers (Mary Shelly, Alexandre Dumas, and Washington Irving), the Romantic era gave way…show more content…
Throughout this essay, this paper will pursue the true origins of Poe’s “The Raven”—determine whether it was created from specific periods of Poe’s life or influenced by the words of other authors’ works—the publication of the poem, on any changes to the poem itself over the years, and its use in modern poetry. The true genesis of Poe’s “The Raven” has always been a little mysterious. Some people claim that when Poe wrote the poem he was recalling the tragic moments of his life—his mother dying when he was barely two years old, his father leaving him, his adopted (not officially his adoptive parents) parents not supporting him to go to college, and his wife’s tuberculosis. Other people, mostly critics, have accused Poe of borrowing—plagiarizing—other authors’ works and using them for his poem. These accusations range from stealing “the bird of ill omen whose name gives the title to the poem” from Charles Dickens’s “Barnaby Rudge”, “deriving the suggestion for the adroit and forceful use he makes of the repetend” from Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”, and the “recurring ‘Nevermore’ he is said to have taken from an early poem…called ‘No More’” from Alfred Tennyson. Though, according to Henry E. Legler, author of Poe’s Raven: Its Origin and Genesis, Poe was ready to combat these claims, accusing Henry W. Longfellow of plagiarizing as well, and wrote in his book: “Certain crude material he may have used, but it received the impress of his

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