In The Yummy: The Last Days Of A Southside Shorty By G.

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In the Yummy: The Last Days of a Southside Shorty by G. Neri and illustrated by Randy DuBurke The author does not hand down any easy answer to the storyline of Yummy The real-world facts are available. The book asks hard questions as we watch Yummy’s life and strange toughness, even as his story turns tragic. This is a story that needs to be told and I need to be told to kids. The illustrator Randy DuBurke creates a book that feels both realistic and as beautifully stylized as any old noir. Playing not just with expressions and characters but with light and shadow as well. He helps make it far more compelling than it would be merely on its own. Texts such as these “encourage readers to interact with the text and with one another by…show more content…
If not provided adequate amounts of nourishment, the disruption of sanity can be inevitable. The effects of this malnourishment are clearly highlighted by the character May, in Lucky McKee’s aptly named movie May. May is the tragic story of a girl ostracized as a child and left friendless and socially crippled. This movie illustrates a multi-faceted monster. It shows a monster created out of difference, a monster of homicidal proportions, and focused mainly on the true monster of isolation. The blatant social abandonment is a monster in its own right and caused the girl, May, to grow into a debilitating life psychopathy. This film can directly relate back to the cultural fear of being left alone. May is a movie that delves into the horror of isolation and abandonment that leads to emaciated social skills and the inevitable damnation of becoming a monster. I will look at arguments for both sides of the question. This is an important question because there is a strong argument for both sides and in a lot of modern films about him, he is portrayed as a villain who likes nothing more than killing and lightening. M The book tells the story of how and why Kody Scott got involved in gang life, what happened during his time as a gang member, and how his life changed after his incarceration. It gives great insight

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