In These Stories, “Good” Underlies The Conflicts That The

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In these stories, “good” underlies the conflicts that the protagonists face weather is be internal and/or external. The similarities that the concept of good has among the stories can be seen in different forms but it is still the same concept of good. the concept of good can be seen as ironic in the stories as none of these stories really have “good” people in them. Also the unifying theme of identity can be seen all three stories. In the story of “Good People” the internal conflict is that Lane must find the courage to tell Sheri that truth of how he really feels about her. Sheri does not say much because she is waiting for Lane to come clean and honest. Lane just sits there in silence waiting for Sheri to say that everything is going…show more content…
Firstly, that she is not as morally greater then she taught she was, not even a killer like the Misfit. Secondly, her rulings about what was significant in life, like being a woman, or her bad judgments of others. It took her having a gun to her head to see she was no better than the Misfit or any other individual. Either internal or external conflicts are crucial to have in any story. Internal has the character with a moral and internal hardships while external leaves him or her with a bodily problem. The main conflicts of “Good Country People” is that of Joy/Hulga’s perspective of how the she finds all people beneath her based upon their lack of education and the consistent fighting with her mother. Mrs. Hopewell her mother thinks that girls that attend a college and obtain a degree like her bring out a more as a person. In addition, the name change from Joy to Hulga was a symbolic change to Mrs. Hopewell as a slap to the face. To Mrs. Hopewell, that was that of ridiculously immature rebellious child and not a woman that had a Ph.D. The gap between the two women is widened by Mrs. Hopewell 's view of the Freeman girls, as it conflicted how she saw he own daughter Hulga. Thus, Hulga does not attempt to have a meaningful relationship with her mother since she sees no need to impress her own mother. The similarities that revolves around the concept of good and how all the stories are characterized by the religious faith. One such example is
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