In This Assignment, It Is Required From The Author To Provide

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In this assignment, it is required from the author to provide a critical reflection on a significant management, incident that was encountered in the clinical placement, to develop and utilize interpersonal skills to maintain the therapeutic nurse-patient relationship. Therefore, the Gibb’s (1988) model was used for the reflective writing as it is widely used by health professionals and is recognized as the framework of reflective writing. “Gibbs (1988) consists of six successive steps which includes; description of an event, feeling encountered, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and action plan for future practice” (Brooker & Waugh, 2013). Reflective practice is an essential tool used by nurses in the development of skills and knowledge…show more content…
Mrs X was refusing amputation, insisted to save her hand, despite being advised on the complications. Doctors respecting patient decision opted for wound exploration . Moreover, the author (nurse) came to do morning shift the next day and upon receiving the report, whereby the patient was still refusing amputation and her hand turned gangrene with no sensation. Lucy Coughlan (2017), emphasizes that when blood vessels rupture beyond repair and hardening of the arteries become severe than gangrene develops whereby amputation is the only option to minizmise pain, prevent septicemia which is a threat to patient’s life. Therefore, the author approached the patient and greeted her with a smile. Then, counsel her about the risk, rather found the patient crying. The author sat beside the patient and started comforting her. Using the communication skills and loving nature, the patient was able to voice out her concerns. Mrs X told the author that she has been a widow for two years now and that she had three siblings and her mother in law to look after. Mrs X is only worried about the financial status of the family as she is the only breadwinner, hence refused amputation. Moreover, the author assessed and evaluated that the patient’s psychological status was affecting her healing process. The author (nurse) assured her that aid will be provided. Also the plastic surgeons from overseas were present in the country, providing free surgeries
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