In This Excerpt I Will Be Touching On How Brayan, A 10

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In this excerpt I will be touching on how Brayan, a 10 year old, was experiencing racism in a mostly white populated school in the late 2000s and early 2010s. I will provide examples from different times in his life when he experienced any racial behavior shown towards him or any other of his classmates during the period that he attended middle school. I will also provide outside examples of racism occurring in today’s world, with different sources. I will also explain how this experience helped shaped his view on different aspects of life and how it changed the way he approached life in general. His experienced help him become better as a person and as his life progressed he never showed a certain individual favoritism because he knows…show more content…
He started school in October of his 5th grade year, and by the time June came he had already gotten into 10 fights alone in that time period with different types of people in the school, most of the fights happened because of his color and because he used to speak Spanish to those who spoke spanish and others often thought he was talking about them. When the school year ended his mom send him to spend the summer out in Lumberton with his grandparents. His grandfather happened to be a big time public attorney for nearly 20 plus years and when Brayan started telling him about his year and everything that happened, his grandfather started teaching Brayan about racism, something he hadn’t been taught. When he started learning the different clues of racism he began to think about his everyday life in school and he noticed that it was happening to him in school and that made him feel some type of way because it was occurring in the late 2000s, when racism was suppose to be gone. That summer he improved his knowledge on the topic of racism and discrimination, by the end of the summer his english vocabulary expanded tremendously, this lead to him understanding situations better when they came up in school. In the fall Brayan returned to school and everything was different this time from the previous year

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