In This Generation, Many Popular Musicians Express The

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In this generation, many popular musicians express the hardships brought forth by unrequited love in their songs. It is probably one of the most commonly conveyed subjects. Music artists such as Bruno Mars and his songs like “Grenade” is no exception to this popular trend. In the song “Grenade,” he reveals his persistent devotion for a girl. Lamentably, as a victim of unilateral love, he is inferior in the relationship. In the song, the girl seizes the dominant ability to manipulate Bruno Mars’ physical well-being and emotional negatively by being uninterested towards his love, and positively refusing to return his affection. From such a position of inferiority, Mars uses numerous rhetorical strategies such as literary devices, logical…show more content…
First, Bruno Mars exhibits the extreme elongate to which he genuinely loves the girl in the song, determined to persuade his audience that the girl should love him back. Mars uses words which allude to violence, such as “grenade”, “blade,” and “bullet” to illustrate his deposition to experience physical pain for the girl’s affection. He constantly uses these words to indicate that these destructive weapons will not hinder his obsessive love for her. In the chorus, his obsession with the girl is made even more obvious because he proclaims that he would “catch a grenade for her,” “throw his hands on a blade for her,” “jump in front of a train for her,” and “take a bullet straight through his brain.” His eagerness to make such sacrifices is intentionally detailed in the chorus which, through repetition, places emphasis on these phrases. These phrases or hyperboles integrate to Mars’ ethos because they enhanced his character by disclosing his authentic commitment to sacrificing his entire life for the girl. In turn, the ethos of credibility convinces the audience to take his side. Mar’s most vigorous appeal in this particular song is his emotional appeal, or pathos. While building the legitimacy of his own character, he utilizes pathos in order to persuade his audience into cerebrating that the girl should love him back. He does this by portraying

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