In This Next Step We Uncover The Metaphysical World Around

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In this next step we uncover the metaphysical world around us. The first text is “About Meditating on God’s Unity,” by Bonaventure. In this text we reflect on the idea of being, the all-encompassing state that we fall under in every second of every moment we are doing anything. God, just like us comes under this category of being, as being comes not just from existence, but rather our essence. The next text comes from Elizabeth Johnson called “Speaking about the Living God,” which focuses on the name of God. God never tells us what God’s gender is; only that God is. So by assigning God a gender we limit the power that God has, by making God only male we limit the feminine side of God’s love as well as those who are uncomfortable with a…show more content…
The demon readily believes the fallacy that one’s true self comes from taking care of the earthly body and live an easy life, while Indra finds out that the true atman comes from the disembodied self, or through living a life without earthly ties. The final text comes from Huston Smith, a converted Hindu, called “The Beyond Within”. This text elaborates more on the Hindu traditions of living a detached life. The best way to live this way is to embrace the world and all that it has to offer; in this way we can experience the joy and knowledge of the people and the world around us. All of these texts share a profound sense of ambiguity. They show us that we can never truly be sure if our metaphysical assumptions of the world are the correct ones. For example, in the more religious texts like Bonaventure, Johnson, Smith, and “The Chandogya Upanishad” we see various different ideas of who and what comprises god, and oddly enough all of them are correct. The beauty of ambiguity is that we can’t say that one idea about “what is” is the right one, because the Hindu appreciation of many gods has just as much proof as the Christian idea of one God. We also see this in the not so certain idea of the concept of “being” in texts like “Schrodinger’s Cat, “ and “The Allegory of the Cave” both of which focus more on our perceptions of the world. Where we can be so uncertain what actually is the best state for us to be in, one of forced knowledge and certainty, or

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